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People in the city heart to the beach!

Moncler Gamme Bleu spring and summer show

Moncler Gamme Bleu this cutting-edge brand this season not only continued the Hawaiian style, it is the show field into a romantic beach, let people relax. Hue on the red and black-based, set the West's design is more real wear, lightweight jacket multi-layer mix and match is also effortless.

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Moncler Lifestyle

MONCLERSLIFE can be a few years in Europe and the United States the most powerful Moncler down series, with the rich changes in urban life, down jacket to become essential for winter warm supplies. Beauty of the heart of everyone, MONCLERSLIFE naturally will not forget to create a stylish style of strong style. MONCLERSLIFE learned over the years down jacket classic series of enduring design, each year will be the latest popular elements into the functional down jacket, the big collar, waist belt, telescopic beam, hooded, sequins, Embroidery ... ... a variety of popular elements and the perfect combination of down jacket, as always, to break the conventional and rigid. At the same time, MONCLERSLIFE LOGO design in the visual made a major innovation, retains the red and blue classic color, the Alps and Gaul rooster unique identification, into the more dynamic lines and more imaginative image modeling. MONCLERSLIFE since its inception, won the countless Hollywood and European stars love, so MONCLERSLIFE become a popular series can be favored.